NYC Mobile Auto Detailing, is outstanding company. I booked services last minute, Joe reached out right the way, and confirmed my appointment. I booked 1 hours services, for interior and exterior. Erick showed up on time and started working on my car, I do have to admit my car was mess,  I do everything in my car, meetings, lunch, coffee, makeup, my son eats anytime in the car, snacks,  breakfast. I expected that this will be just surface cleaning, wipe down and vacuum.  Erick over delivered,  he spent over 2 hours cleaning my car. May car looks like the car when I purchased it, new cleaning, shiny.  After the job was completed I call Joe and offered to pay more, because I felt work that Erick did, cost so much more then what I paid. Joe thanked me and stated no need to pay more, his number one priority  is that his customers are satisfied, I cant wait to book again, because  I know my car is in great hands.